A protein ingredient without compromise

For decades, the search for the perfect protein ingredient has been obstructed by trade-offs in nutrition, sustainability, and transparency. Understory wishes to change the story, delivering a protein solution that meets the demands of today's conscious consumers without compromises. 

Our complete marine protein is GRAS-affirmed, reliably sourced, and certified for environmental stewardship. It's the first clean-label protein ingredient in Norway, meeting the preferences of premium consumers who seek scientifically validated, high-quality, and pure products.

Understory seamlessly integrates optimal nutrition and responsible sourcing, closing the gap between a clear conscience and a complete protein. This sustainable protein solution is what conscious consumers have been looking for.  

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Ingredients that meet consumer needs and challenges

Ingredients that meet consumer needs and challenges

Understory is designed to meet the demands and pain points of the conscious consumer, supported by its functional and nutritional characteristics. 

  • Complete protein: Packed with all essential amino acids.
  • Spoon stirrable: Perfect solubility for convenience.
  • Highly bioavailable: Easy on the stomach.
  • Additive-free: Supports clean label.
  • No-fat: Low calorie opportunities.
  • Conscious: Sustainable at its core.

Solutions for every consumer

Understory's versatile protein meets the needs of diverse consumers:

Active Lifestyles: Understory's marine protein peptides support muscle growth and electrolyte balance, improving performance and recovery.

Health-Conscious Consumers: Understory comes with naturally occurring minerals and easy digestibility while being free from artificial additives, dairy, soy, and GMOs.

Healthy Aging: Understory's complete protein profile, rich in calcium, helps maintain muscle mass and bone density. 

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Protein solutions for every consumer


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