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The future of protein

With rising health awareness and increasing demands for environmental accountability, the challenge of providing consumers with appropriate protein products often comes with significant trade-offs. We've made it our mission to develop protein ingredients that seamlessly integrate sustainability and nutrition, without compromise.

Pioneering the future of nutrition

The essence of Understory is to use science and research to bring forward sustainable proteins that will contribute to lowering the environmental burden on our food systems. Through responsible sourcing from the pristine waters of Antarctica, Understory upcycles krill biomass into cutting edge protein ingredients, setting a new standard for nutrition and sustainability. 



Protein ingredients without compromise

Experience Understory's strong nutritional profile and versatile functionality across your product lines. Differentiate your product with attractive claims and a strong brand identity that exceeds expectations.

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Elevated through the artistry of science

Our patented process yields a marine protein peptide distinguished by its unique amino acid profile and naturally occurring minerals. This highlights our commitment to innovation and superior nutrition.

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Commitment to a sustainable future

Understory is more than a protein ingredient; it's our promise to make a difference. Acknowledging the food industry's considerable environmental footprint, we are committed to bringing nutritious solutions that lower the environmental impact on our planet. 

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Understory is Aker Biomarine's cutting-edge protein ingredient brand. It was born from the belief that in the smallest things, we find the biggest opportunities to improve health and the environment. Ready to make a difference?

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