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Understory is Aker Biomarine's cutting-edge protein ingredient brand. It was born from the belief that in the smallest things, we find the biggest opportunities to improve health and the environment. For contract manufacturers and brands intrigued by the prospect of incorporating our ingredients into your lineup and forging a partnership, we invite you to reach out.

* Please note that Understory is not a finished product or consumer brand. The information on our website is not aimed at consumers and does not make reference to finished products. If you are a consumer, follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest news. 

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Cynthia Marmolejo

Application manager

Should you need guidance on your next product formulation or have questions about optimizing your current offerings, Cynthia is ready to lend her expertise.



Hume Dudley-Owen

Business Development Director
For any questions about sales, terms and conditions, or commercial advice on how to incorporate our ingredients into your product line, Hume stands ready to offer guidance.