A truly versatile ingredient

Flexibility in formulation and application

With the expert formulator and inquisitive scientist in mind, Understory has a variety of unique functional properties that promote flexibility in formulation and application development. This adaptability makes it ideal for many in-demand end-consumer applications.

Unique functional features

Our debut ingredient, Understory Gamut, offers distinctive functional qualities that facilitate ease of use and integration into innovative products aligned with evolving consumer expectations.

  • <90% soluble
  • Clear in solution
  • Low viscosity
  • pH and heat stable
  • Has ultra-low foaming
  • 24 months shelf life
  • High flowability & dispersibility
  • High batch-to-batch consistency

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Suitable for multiple end-consumer applications

Understory's flexibility allows it to be easily integrated into various consumer products, from RTDs to RTM formats. Its compatibility with an array of sweeteners, flavor enhancers, and masking agents makes it a highly versatile ingredient for multiple formulations. Additionally, the distinctive clear solution of Understory enhances the visual appeal of premium products. Successfully paired with flavors from citrus and berries to coffee and tea, it showcases the extensive application potential.

Market leading solubility

A frequent obstacle in both formulation and end-consumer experience is the poor solubility of
protein ingredients. Understory solves this issue directly with its high solubility and clear appearance,
effectively overcoming this common challenge.

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